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Need Your Dog Micro Chipped?
You can visit any of our associated vet clinics or contact any of our Breed Wardens
Who's PooPrints?
PooPrints™ works by storing pet DNA profiles for all of the dogs in the community. DNA is first collected by a cheek swab, and registered online at the DNA World Pet Registry.
Microchip is a Must!
If your pet cat or dog becomes lost, you are far more likely to be reunited if they are microchipped.
DNA My Dog’s simple cheek swab DNA test
Every dog has its own unique DNA. DNA My Dogprovides you with a kit and very simple instructions for swabbing the cheeks of your dog and collecting your dog’s DNA samples

About Us

  • Royal Valley Identification Systems Ltd. (RVIDS) is a small family owned business dedicated to the development and use of Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology in any industry where accurate tracking and unique identification can improve production, standards, quality control and accountability.

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  • How does the TROVAN technology work? The reader excites the transponder inductively by means of a low-frequency electromagnetic field. Reliable, interference-free, contact-less transmission is assured via phase modulation and a special process for error checking and correction (PSK-phase shift keying 180 degrees each for logic one and logic zero).

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