The term “Dangerous Dogs Act” generally provokes strong emotion from most people on either side of the divide, some immediately think “they want to kill my Pit Bull” and the others think “yes kill those Pit Bulls“. We intend to use this area of our website to properly ventilate and educate the general public as well as the policy makers about the terrible disadvantages of promoting or enacting “Breed Specific Legislation” BSL as it is commonly called.

We do not want to name anyone or group for fear of leaving out any but hats off to all who came out and supported and raised their voices in a non violent way over the last several months and indeed years in an effort to move those in “power” to at least stop and take note of our concerns.

The history of BSL is utter failure while on the other hand there is a great need for proper broad based canine legislation. Over the next few weeks we intend to develop this discussion which will include letters and narratives from anyone who wants to add their thoughts in a constructive manner.

Public safety, public security and public health are of paramount importance, however, the right to own and enjoy property and the right to equal and fair participation and legal redress must also be jealously guarded.

The Attorney General The Honorable Annand Ramlogan SC has publicly stated that the government has decided to repeal the DDA of 2000 and will instead be introducing legislation focused on responsible ownership. The vast majority of people believe that this is a step in the right direction.

The Law Reform Commission has indicated that they intend to host several public consultations on this matter prior to the reintroduction of such proposed legislation into the parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. We believe that this will be a land mark piece of legislation that will have a ripple effect throughout the commonwealth.

So please contact us about this and any other relevant topics as you may be able to make a difference….

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