Revised Quarantine Regulations!

A new day has dawned for the companion animal community. In one fell swoop and after many years of pain and suffering on the part of returning residents, ex-patriots, breeders, show and working enthusiasts, clubs and registries alike, the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) has answered the pleas and supplications of individuals and groups and have radically improved the regulations surrounding the movement of animals into and out of Trinidad and Tobago, even resolving the longstanding issue of the hours and times of arrival at the various ports.

Out of abundance of caution and in the context of protecting Trinidad and Tobago from communicable diseases such as rabies, the MoA maintained a very old and “out of touch” set of regulations governing the importation and exportation of animals to the pain and distress of individuals and their beloved animals alike.

Speaking at a post cabinet media briefing yesterday January 31st. 2013, Senator the Honourable Devant Maharaj announced the new regulations/amendments to the old Act as approved by the cabinet. Members of the FCRTT and the German Shepherd Breed Club of T&T were present at the briefing.

The new regulations are on par with what obtains in first world countries and would recognise the EU Pet Passport System. The effect of the new regulations would significantly reduce the cost and time involved in the importation and re-entry of companion animals into T&T and should drastically reduce or eliminate altogether the illegal importation of animals which in and of itself posed a real treat to the health and safety to our citizens.

International and regional travel whether for vacation or for competition is now very possible. Owners of companion animals still have to fulfil certain requirements including micro chipping, vaccination regime and health requirements prior to proposed travel.

Credit must be given to the Government, the Minister and especially the people at the MoA. Dr. Kangaloo, Dr. Titus, the public servants and the groups that made this possible. Thank you and well done to ALL.

Please follow the link to read the entire document.


Roger Barkley


The Federation for Canine Registration of Trinidad and Tobago. Fcrtt

Trinidad & Tobago Animal Importation Laws(Proposal)<—View the Proposal


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