ID-160A Microtransponder

Smallest transponder in the TROVAN line. ISO 11784/85 FDX-B compliant. Bio-compatible glass encapsulation.


  • Smallest transponder in the TROVAN line.
  • ISO 11784/85 FDX-B compliant.
  • Bio-compatible glass encapsulation.
  • Use with IM-1xxIN All-in-one Syringe Style Implanter, RAL-200 Multi-implanter orIM-100USL Retractor solution.
  • Dimensions: Dia. 2.12; Length 11.5 mm (0.08 x 0.45 in.)


RAL-200 Multi-implanter gun w/ CAR-200 transponder cartridge

RAL-200 Multi-implanter gun

CAR-200 Cartridge. For ID-160A/ID-162A Bulk Microtransponders


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