LID-573ISO KEY Four Button Pocket Reader

Features four programmable buttons for maximal customization. USB interface and optional bluetooth interface.

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  • The reader is an inexpensive solution for applications that call for custom keyed input in addition to scanned ID codes.
  • Features four programmable buttons for maximal customization.
  • USB interface and optional bluetooth interface.
  • Easy to replace 9V battery.
  • Typical read range: ID-162 up to 45 mm. (1.8 in.)
  • Dimensions: 70 mm x 135 mm x 24 mm (2.75 in x 5.35 in x 0.94 in.)


  • PA-570: Rechargeable 9V/160mAh NiMH battery.
  • IR1020: IrDa infrared adapter communicates up to 3m.
  • LG-570: Battery charger for 2 pieces 9V NiMH batteries.
  • CONV_USB-232: Converter RS232-USB
  • LID572-BT: Bluetooth comms module for wireless communication
  • LID-572ISO KEY-P:Pole antenna for extended reach.
  • MEMEXP-512: Memory expansion, 512kb EEPRO
  • MEMEXP-1024: Memory expansion, 1024kb EEPROM

Pole antenna


Carry case

  • KID56x/57x: Carry case.
  • BT-570: Protection boot, available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Orange.





Portable label printer

  • QLX200: Portable label printer




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